Apple Launches New iPhone 11, Series 5 Watch, And More


Apple has launched three new iPhone 11 smartphones, new iPads, a gaming service, and TV streaming service, and oh yes, the Apple Series 5 Watch

Apple has as expected launched three new iPhone devices, namely the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Along with the new iPhone models, the event in the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino also saw the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5, which features an ‘always on’ display, but which can still offer 18 hours of battery life.

Other new arrivals include new iPads, along with launch dates for Apple Arcade (a gaming service), and Apple TV+ (its answer to Netflix).

Apple iPhone 11

The main thrust of the launch event (and this article) was the addition of three next generation iPhone handsets to the iPhone portfolio.

The iPhone 11 comes in three flavours, but lets start with the iPhone 11. This handset offers a 6.1″ display, with the “toughest glass” ever in an iPhone.

Apple spent a lot of time bigging up its camera tech with the new iPhones, and the 11 offers a new dual camera system on the back – one 12MP wide angle camera, and one 12 MP ultra wide camera.

Besides offering the ability to take wider pictures, the flash is 36 percent brighter; and a new night mode that automatically uses adaptive bracketing for better low light shots.

The front camera has also been tweaked, and is now 12MP, up from 7MP, and it allows for users to take slow motion video selfies.

The handset is powered by Apple’s new A13 ‘Bionic’ chipset, which Apple claims is the fastest CPU/GPU ever in a smartphone.

There is a choice of colours including the usual black, red, and white, but also green, yellow, and even purple. Prices start at $699.

The next two iPhones are iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max, for those with bigger wallets.

These two phones boast three cameras, rather than two: a 12MP wide angle camera, a 12MP ultra wide, plus a 12MP telephoto camera. All three cameras can shoot 4K at 60FPS.

The Pro comes with a 5.8″ display, while Pro Max comes in at 6.5″, and both run the A13 processor.

There was no data about expected battery life, but Apple did say the Pro will offer four more hours of life per charge when compared to the iPhone Xs Max, while the Pro Max will get five more hours.

Prices for the Pro start at $999, while Pro Max will start at $1099. Both will ship on 20t September.

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