Apple iOS 10.2 Brings More Emojis And Boosts iPhone Security

Apple’s latest version of iOS 10 also brings with it a host of word replacing emojis

Apple iOS 10.2 has been released and brings with it solidified security and a host of new emojis fro people who hate words. 

The latest update brings a suite of features debuted in the public beta that has been live for over a month.


iOS 10.2

The full iOS 10.2 release bring with it a host of new emojis from the Unicode 9 update; ideal for people who subscribe to the 1984 Orwellian idea of removing words out of the English lexicon.

“More diverse characters, new professions, expressions like face palm, shrug and fingers crossed, and new emoji representing sports, food, animals and more, can be shared today right from within Messages, the most frequently used app in iOS,” said Apple.

It also makes iTunes more difficult to crack after previous released left Apple’s music service not nearly as secure as the company would have liked.

The new iOS release also contains an new TV app that is only supported on iPads and iPhones in the US, but could find its way beyond America’s borders if its ability to pull together TV programmes and films form other apps into a single user interface takes-off.

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Keen snappers of photos on their smartphones will be able to take advantage the Camera app’s ability to save its last settings rather than reverting to default each time it is closed.

Cosmetic and interface tweaks continue in the form of new wallpapers than feature the fresh graphics previously championed by Apple with its iPhone 7 promotions.  

The new release of iOS 10 could go some way to alleviating the rather rocky release of the mobile operating system when it made its debut in September.

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