AirWatch 8 Adds TouchID, Chromebook And QNX Support


AirWatch 8 promises to “revolutionise” EMM by simplifying management for admins and end users

AirWatch will add support for Touch ID, Chromebooks and a host of other applications and device types in a bid to make enterprise mobility management (EMM) simpler for administrators and less inhibitive to end users.

The VMware-owned firm says AirWatch 8 will be the first EMM platform capable of managing Chromebooks and will also support BlackBerry’s QNX operating system for embedded devices.

This, along with new capabilities for Windows 7 management and integration with Jasper’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform adds strength to AirWatch’s claim to secure virtually any application across any device.

AirWatch 8

AirWatch 8 2An updated administration console can now be used on mobile devices, while admins can now access stats for individual applications through separate dashboards. Intel-based Android devices can be pre-registered for use on enterprise networks and Apple Care integration provides the status of warranties for iPhones and iPads used within an organisation.

AirWatch says the new release will “revolutionise” how end users interact with EMM, claiming such services must be simple enough for employees to use if they are to work effectively. It says very additional step or click that must be performed can inhibit adoption and cause users to bypass policies.

Support for biometric authentication through Touch ID and EyeVerify, which scans the veins of eyes to unlock apps, will help ensure compliance, as will integrations for Box, Socialcase and Veracode among others. End users will also have access to a redesigned web interface so they can solve problems more easily and eliminate the need to call for IT support.

“AirWatch 8 will enable our customer and partner community to drive a new wave of business process innovation as they execute on the next generation of their mobility initiatives,” said John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager, AirWatch by VMware. “In 2014, we solidified our position as the largest EMM provider with $200 million in bookings, 15,000 customers and the breadth of our partner ecosystem.

“With the launch of AirWatch 8 and our continued integration with VMware and mobility partners, we expect customer adoption, partnership expansion and product innovation to accelerate in 2015 and beyond.”

AirWatch 8 will be made available to customers in the first quarter of 2015.

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