Poll: What Mobile Network Are You Using?

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Mobile technology is only useful if you have the right connectivity. But which network do you rely on?

As the UK prepares for another round of spectrum sales and the launch of 5G in 2020, we want to know which network you’re using.

It sounds silly, but mobility is now essential for businesses of all sizes. Smartphones and applications mean people can be more productive outside the office, work remotely and have more relevant information at their fingertips if they’re working in the field.

Even the emergency services are getting in on the act with the new 4G Emergency Services Network (ESN) and with tablets on the beat for police.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) polices are commonplace, as are Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms that secure hardware and software so corporate data is protected.

Mobile Network Essentials

mobile-phoneUnified Communications services mean businesses can never miss a call and speak to customers as though they are in the office.

But to maximise the benefits, organisations need adequate cellular connectivity. There’s no point having all this technology to hand when employees can’t use any of it. Cloud software needs speed and low latency to work.

So we want to know what mobile network you’re using, either for yourself or your business. Are you with EE, O2, Three, Vodafone or one of the numerous Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) that share their infrastructure? Let us know in our poll below and in the comments.

What mobile network are you using?

  • Three (30%)
  • EE (25%)
  • Vodafone (19%)
  • O2 (16%)
  • Other (11%)

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