EE Buzzard 2 Offers Simpler In-Car 4G


EE hopes Buzzard 2 will attract more users to its in-car 4G service

EE hopes to tempt more motorists into signing up for its in-car 4G service by launching a new mobile Wi-Fi device, the EE Buzzard 2, which connects directly to a standard 12v dashboard connection.

The original EE Buzzard was released earlier this year, but comprised two separate components – a router and charger – meaning it was too fiddly for many users. The Buzzard 2 even has an additional USB port so another device can be charged at the same time.

EE Buzzard 2
EE Buzzard 2 (1)
Like its predecessor, the Buzzard 2 accesses the EE 4G network and provides a Wi-Fi signal that can be accessed by other devices. EE says the service can allow drivers to access navigation services or read emails and documents before and after meetings, while taxi and limousine operators can offer Wi-Fi to passengers.

“High-speed internet connectivity has become second nature for many families – both inside the home and on the move – so it can come as shock on car journeys when the children can’t access their favourite games or TV to entertain themselves,” said Christopher Traggio, director of PAYG & connected products at EE.

The Buzzard 2 is available for £79.99 on pay as you go, with 100MB of additional data provided for free if the device is bought before the January, while it is free for anyone who takes a 3GB plan for £15 a month or above.

EE 4G now reaches 75 percent of the UK population, while its double speed service of 60Mbps covers 50 percent, with 20 more locations set to be added by the end of the year. 400Mbps 4G is also being tested by the operator at Wembley Stadium, although no commercial devices can support such speeds.

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