10 Of The Best Waterproof Tablet Cases

Danger! Water! Strap your device up with one of these waterproof tablet cases.

There aren’t many better things in life than taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day. But hold on: you did put down your tablet before you took the plunge into the water, right? No? Oh.

There aren’t many worse things in life than mistakenly submerging your beloved tablet in water – sure, it can float, but can it ever work normally again after such a traumatising experience? Unlikely. So, why not invest in a waterproof tablet case this summer – it’ll protect your gadget from taking on board too much water during unscheduled swims in the pool/sea/bath.

  1. aquapac Whanganui

The Whanganui’s unusual name – named after an area on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand – adds to its exotic purpose as a kind of Baywatch character, albeit an inanimate and distinctly less Hasselhoff-esque one. Designed by the good people at aquapac with the remit to protect your beloved tablet, the Whanganui range is available for both smartphones and tablets, and comes ready-attached with a handy lanyard. There’s the standard iPad case, and a ‘Medium’-sized case that’ll properly protect iPad Minis, Kindles (K3 [Keyboard], K4, K-Touch), Nooks (barring the Nook Touch) and the Sony PRS-505. Be warned, though: the case prevents touch activation technology from fully functioning, whilst you can only use your tablet’s front-facing camera – there’s no lens window at the back of the case.

  1. Aqua Quest iPouch

Boldly proclaiming that they’ve been “designing and manufacturing the planet’s best waterproof gear since 1996,” Aqua Quest have understandably made movements in the twenty-first century by producing a waterproof tablet pouch, alongside a protective smartphone and e-reader pouch. Through the TPU window of the pouch, you can access and utilise the touchscreen capabilities of your tablet as you would normally, whilst keeping it bone dry from the elements. With extra room for your other bits and pieces, the iPouch is suitable for iPads, Samsung Galaxy, HP Tablets, Sony Tablets, and Blackberry Pockets – alongside a whole host more, presumably.

  1. Navitech MiTAB Waterproof Case

Available most prominently on the good ship Amazon, the Navitech MiTAB is a fine waterproof companion for either your 7-inch or 10-inch tablet. “Bestowing a unique freedom to the user to enter a life aquatic with the potential to document the whole experience,” this particular case is certainly one of the more affordable options on this list. With the retention of your device’s touch sensitivity, it means you can dive underwater without fear of destroying your treasured tablet.

  1. PrimeCases Waterproof Case

A designer tablet case company by trade, PrimeCases have dabbled in a waterproof option for our very convenience. With its “Airtight Triple Seal System”, it claims to prevent your device from water, sand and dirt: the ideal beach companion, then. Their range of cases is primarily designed for the Samsung Galaxy (with a veritable kaleidoscope of colours to choose from) and Amazon Kindle series, although there is one all-purpose case that purports to fit all makes of tablet – but perhaps be wary if you don’t own of the above devices.

  1. Satechi Waterproof Beach Case for Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite users, your prayers for some effective form of waterproof coverage have been answered by the good guys at Satechi. With an appealing orange-coloured design, this case is ideal for the beach or the bathtub as it protect yours darling e-reader without sacrificing the touchscreen capabilities that you’ve grown so accustomed to. What’s more are its extra features: its ability to float on water without causing any damage to the electronic goods inside, its accompanying stand, and its IPX-8 Waterproof certification – so that’s all good, then.

  1. Aceguarder Shockproof and Waterproof Case

This choice of case will particularly appeal if you’re in the army – Aceguarder’s sleek case comes in a camouflage colour to help you, er, blend in whilst playing Angry Birds. Specifically designed for the iPad range and available solely on Amazon (their product bios leave a lot to be desired, mind), this particular case is ideal for the combat enthusiasts – or, perhaps, the children – amongst you. With a certified standard of quality, shock absorption and, most importantly, how it is preventative against all forms of liquid, you can go into battle knowing that your tablet will be kept safe from harm.

  1. LifeProof Cases

This particular range of cases are, as the company titles makes fairly clear, ‘life proof’ – meaning that they’ll *mostly* guard against all the little challenges and incidents that daily life throws at you. With “sleek, elegant and beautiful” products that provide “the 4 proofs – [from] water, dirt, shock and snow”, their range of fully-waterproof cases aim to let you use your device wherever you see fit – even if that is at the bottom of a lake. After all, “LifeProof delivers the highest rating against water ingress of any case on the market” – so you can’t argue with that, really.

  1. Gumdrop Marine Waterproof Case for iPad Air

Only available from their website in the U.S. and Canada at the time of writing, Gumdrop’s waterproof offering is still sure to be a hit for those seeking waterproof tablet coverage in North America. Part of their ‘Marine & Industry’ series, they only currently offer protection for an iPad air – but, boy, does it look technical. With a “waterproof, rugged enclosure that clicks and locks into an optional robust quick-release mount,” Gumdrop’s case claims to be weather-tight and therefore perfect for industries that use technology outdoors.

  1. OverBoard Waterproof Cases

Man overboard! OverBoard’s impressive range of waterproof cases – from e-readers to smartphones – also extends to the ubiquitous iPad. “With a padded back, rear hand loop and clear front, you can use your iPad while it’s sealed inside the waterproof case.” So that’s that, then. The swankiest member of the series, meanwhile, is the Boat Mount, which, as its name suggests, provides for use of your iPad whilst on a boat – which’ll cover your GPS needs to no end.

  1. Trust Waterproof Sleeve

Trust! Built to fit all 10-inch tablets, this sleeve looks quite similar to a corporate lanyard – but is way more fun as it protects against water, sand and snow. It doesn’t affect your tablet’s touchscreen capabilities, nor does it let in any splashes – its secure strips, Velcro tape and buttons see to that. Plus, the strap is adjustable. ADJUSTABLE. What a time to be alive, people.