10 Apps To Help You Get The Most From Your Mobile Data

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Want to get the most out of your phone or tablet’s data package? Here’s our guide to some of the best data saving apps around

As mobile applications become ever more information intensive, and the world of mobile data becomes more restrictive, there is a need to get the most out of allowances. For businesses, the less data your employees use, the more money you save. It’s that simple.

This is especially true when roaming. Even once the European Union abolishes additional fees next year, it won’t have an impact if you’re travelling in the US. And of course, 4G data uses up a lot of battery. Using less data should let you use your phone for longer – crucial if you have a long day outside the office.

If only there was some way to help you get the most from your smartphone or tablet’s precious data package. Oh wait, there is. Here is our guide to the best data-saving apps that should keep you, and your company, happy.

  1. Opera Max

Although available only on Android, Opera’s data-saving and data-management app sounds like one of the greatest technological inventions of our time (well, in the data-preserving world, anyway). Opera operates by working with your phone to shrink videos, music and photos on almost any app – YouTube, Pandora and the like – while you’re free from the shackles of Wi-Fi to extend your data plan by up to 50 percent. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s also free. . But not available on iOS. Boo.

  1. My Data Manager

This app is available on iOS, which is nice. With more than 11.5 million downloads already in the bank, My Data Manager (MDM) certainly can’t be accused of not making a splash in this corner of the app market. MDM intends to put you in control of your smartphone or tablet’s data package by helping you track how much of said data you’re actually using: set alerts for when you’re running low, set up shared plans to track phone usage for a number of people or devices, and compile a history of your data usage to see where you’re going wrong.

  1. DataMan Next

“The simplest app to help you track your data usage” comes the bold claim from DataMan Next. But is simple always best? Well, it can surely set out on the road to success by providing a clear and easy-to-grasp solution to your data woes, which DM Next definitely provides with its service. Calculating how much data you’ve used in the form of a big, clear percentage interface that’s also available in widget form, all it takes is a quick glance at the app to see whether you need to tone down the Tindering before your next data re-up. The New York Times for one was full of praise for DM Next: “the simplest and clearest” was the gushing verdict.

  1. DataEye

Another Android exclusive, DataEye not only helps you make the most of your data package but it also works to conserve the battery life of your smartphone and/or tablet. What helpful, friendly fellows they are. With DataEye, you can control your data on an app-by-app basis, close apps that are unnecessarily draining the battery, and consult it abroad when you incur those dreaded data roaming charges.

  1. DataWiz

iOS users, keep scrolling down: DataWiz adds another mark to the Android-only tally in this list, but for good reason. Monitoring your mobile device’s online activity, DataWiz also does this rather clever thing of predicting your future data usage. Because, you know, the future. It’s also free, and excellent, and you should download it right about now. Unless you’re an Apple user. Sorry.

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