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Smart energy and customer experience, the future for homes and utility companies

The intelligent use of resources such as energy has become a crucial element both in homes and in businesses. The rise in the price of electricity and other energy sources, the spread in remote work that forces users to consume more energy at home, competition between supply companies, together with new purchasing and consumption habits, are unleashing a double revolution.

Homes are getting smarter in their use of energy, while consumers demand more flexibility and a more transparent, easy, omnichannel and digitized services. At the same time, supply companies are introducing CX and IoT technologies to improve the control of their services, to get to know their customers better, to provide a better and more agile response to these new needs and, ultimately, to improve the customer experience and their loyalty.

In this online webinar with experts from TCS and Microsoft we will address the importance that smart energy is acquiring and how supply companies are adopting CX solutions, with a customer first vision and integrated with the rest of the business intelligence, which can enhance their services dramatically while boosting the efficiency of operations, as well as employee productivity and satisfaction.

During this online event you will learn about the most innovative solutions in CX to bring smart supplies to homes and businesses, with real testimonials from companies that have already started this revolution to differentiate themselves from increasingly tough competition.

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