Neo4j Digital Transformation in a Connected World - Online Webinar

from Tuesday 1 November 2016 to Saturday 31 December 2016
Online Free Webinar,
“Big data” grows bigger every year, but today’s enterprise leaders don’t only need to manage larger volumes of data, but they critically need to generate insight from their existing data. Sohow should IT Managers and Decision Makers generate those insights?
Businesses need to stop merely collecting data points, and start connecting them. In other words, the relationships between data points matter almost more than the individual points themselves.
In order to leverage those data relationships, your organization needs a database technology that stores relationship – a graph database.
Jonny Cheetham, Sales Director at Neo Technology will illustrate the 5 typical graph database below use cases including and show you how impactful they can be.  
·Fraud Detection

·Real-Time Recommendation Engine
·Master Data Management
.Identity and Access Management
.Network and IT Operations

There is a reason why Neo4j powered the Panama Papers investigation. Find out what it is, in this webinar.




  • Jonny CheethamSales Director, Neo Technology