Enabling data-driven decision making in the public sector through Tableau

Tuesday 30 November 2021
at 10:30

With years of experience working across multiple Public Sector organisations, TrueCue, Tableau’s longest standing partner in EMEA, have identified three of the most common pain points surrounding data and analytics. During this webinar, we will be discussing how to rectify the following in order to deliver increased value through data-driven decision-making within Public Sector organisations:

  • How to move away from decentralised analytics – when different corners of the organisation are completing analytics using their own platforms and approaches, the quality and integration of analytics across functions is notoriously lacking. We look at a low barrier to entry approach to remedy this this using the right mix of Tableau licenses.
  • How to reduce siloed data storage – the hundreds of systems and providers used by most public sector organisations typically result in a highly siloed data landscape. A lack of data integration makes the most useful and valuable analysis impossible. We look as how leveraging Tableau products can transform this pain point into a valuable integrated data platform.
  • How to eliminate repetitive and time consuming reporting tasks – monthly and quarterly reporting is time consuming when compiled manually. Reporting the same indicators but for a differing time frames can be easily automated when using the right tools. We look at leveraging Tableau Server to significantly reduce reporting lifecycles.


  • Ciaran GallagherConsulting Manager and Training & Enablement Lead, TrueCue
  • Max KenneyDirector of Analytics, TrueCue