DevOps Summit Brussels: DevOps for Business Value

Thursday 4 February 2016
KBC Bank Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
DevOps is an enterprise capability that includes stakeholders, business owners, architecture, design, development, quality assurance (QA), operations, security, partners, and suppliers. Excluding any stakeholder will lead to incomplete implementation of DevOps. The continuous delivery of valuable software, or working software, is a measure of progress. Business people and developers must work together to make the project a success. Collaboration with customers and stakeholders during the development process helps ensure successful projects across their business units.
DevOps processes and tools also help retailers to compete in fast-paced mobile, digital and physical markets. DevOps processes and tools can enable organisations to respond to market shifts quickly and with greater agility, quality and success. DevOps is how retailers can deliver innovation—faster and more efficiently.
This one day programme is designed to connect a wide range of stakeholders. The expert practitioners and thought leaders at this DevOps Summit will give help you to develop your business case and build the foundation towards getting significant return on investment.
This summit will engage not just existing DevOps pros, but also managers and executives like CIOs and CISOs, Dev and Ops managers, business leaders and architects.