Cloud Computing: Essential Risk and Security

Cloud computing appears to offer so many benefits in the current economy – high performance, low cost, low maintenance on-line applications and services. But are they secure? Can they be made secure? What are the essential risk and security organisations must undertake to avoid customer data losses, reputation embarrassment, financial losses and penalties? Hacking groups such as Anonymous, Lulz Security and others have recently been able to penetrate some of the world’s largest and respected organisations. What confidence can we have that cloud solution providers will not be next? How can an organisation protect their data once it is in the cloud? With these questions in mind, SMi Group is proud to present Cloud Computing: Essential Risk & Security Undertakings.

Why attend Cloud Computing: Essential Risk & Security Undertakings:


  • Learn from experienced security professionals and legal advisers that have assessed cloud based IT solutions.
  • The event leaders will also share their technical findings, educate attendees on risk-based models to address security concerns and cover legal issues of outsourcing to the cloud
  • Delegates will also take part in a masterclass exercise to apply knowledge gained during the day to a real-life scenario

For further information and the opportunity to register, please visit the website. Alternatively, contact James Hitchen on +44 (0) 20 7827 6054 or email