5th Internet Finance and Payment Innovation 2014

The 5th Internet Finance and Payment Innovation 2014 will be held on November 20-21 in Shanghai, China. We will gather no less than 250 leaders from commercial banks, payment service or solution providers, P2P, e-commerce companies, handset producers, airlines, funds, assurance, telecom carriers, government, central banks, association and others.

They will focus on the hot topics including” The Roadmap of P2P and Crowdfunding in the Context of Internet Finance”, “Bank’s Mashup Practice in Internet Finance”, “Mobile Finance 3.0”, “Develop Cloud-Payment Platform to Safeguard Payment Security”, “Innovate Payment Services, Improve Process Efficiency and Guarantee”, “How to Tighten Online Payment Security and Fraud Prevention”, “Opportunities in Cross-border Payment”, “The Future of NFC Payment in the Context of 4G Network”, “Will the Square Model Hold on to the Last”, “Mobile Payment Security Priors to All”, “From O2O to O2M- Closed-loop Marketing and Payment Innovation” and so on.