The Robot ‘Jailed’ For Buying Ecstasy Online Is Back

Random Darknet Shopper robot was kept in police custody for three months, but now it’s randomly buying goods on Dark Web again

The robot confiscated by police earlier this year for buying ecstasy on the dark web is back again, randomly buying items on the online underground marketplace.

The robot, named Random Darknet Shopper, went on a ‘crime’ spree in early 2015 after being given $100 worth of bitcoins every week as part of an art show in Switzerland.

Kanye West and cigarettes

It had been programmed to use the dark web to buy anything it wanted – which turned out to include 10 yellow pills containing 90mg of ecstasy each, a Hungarian passport, a baseball cap fitted with a spy camera, counterfeit Diesel jeans, Kanye West trainers and 200 Chesterfield cigarettes.

robot shoppingProsecutors confiscated the illegally purchased items, along with the robot, which was only released back to its creators three months later in April.

For the past two weeks, however, Random Darknet Shopper has been back at the online shops. Its first two purchases since regaining freedom were for a counterfeit Lacoste polo shirt from Thailand for $35, and a pair of Bitcoin USB miners from the US for $25.

will be on display at London’s Horatio Junior art gallery between December 11, 20015, and February 5, 2016.

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