Seagate Launches Self-Managing Back-up Appliance

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The Replica appliance from Seagate Technology safeguards applications, operating systems and all other data, without any human intervention

It’s not enterprise-type storage by any means, but Seagate Technology’s new Replica direct-attached desktop hard drive for desktops, laptops or netbook computers will probably see a lot of action in corporate settings.

The Seagate Replica, launched on 27 April, automatically backs up documents, databases, graphics and other content using a double-USB connection. It comes on as soon as it’s plugged in, and doesn’t require any intervention by the user to work.

When needed, Replica also can automatically take a full image of the hard drive—including all the applications, the operating system and other data.

Replica is similar to a not very well-known but nonetheless highly regarded desktop backup product designed and built by Rebit. Both of these drives back up a hard drive in its entirety automatically.

Of Replica, “This is about as easy as it gets,” said Terry Cunningham, senior vice president of Seagate branded solutions. “While people continue to amass digital content, many still don’t understand the importance of backing up their libraries of personal memories, or they don’t take the time.”

The Replica uses two USB cables, one for power and the other to transfer data. Once connected, the device automatically takes the backup without the need for user interaction. There is little or no latency as the system is backing up new data that comes into it, the company said.

The Replica, which will become generally available in May 2009, features both single and multiple-PC models. The multi-PC version, with 500GB capacity, includes a dock and is available for $199.99. The single-PC version, with 250GB capacity, is available for $129.99. For more information, go here.

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