Oracle Improves Enterprise Database Admin

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The database maker has announced tighter integration between Oracle Database Vault, the company’s database access control technology, and Enterprise Manager

Oracle has enhanced integration between Database Vault and Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5, one of several moves the company has made to improve database administration in the latest version of Enterprise Manager.

When the company announced the latest version of Enterprise Manager earlier this month, it included a number of enhancements designed to improve database management through automation. The latest release of the product also allows for real-time SQL monitoring as well as automated database testing workflow that integrates database software provisioning, masking and workload replay tasks.

But the company also improved support for Database Vault and is singling that out as a way to increase database security while reducing the ongoing costs of IT compliance through automation.

According to Oracle, the latest version of Database Vault has been bolstered to include new management capabilities, such as centralised administration and monitoring of all Oracle Database Vault protected servers. It also generates automated alerts whenever there is an unauthorised attempt to access the database, and allows for automated cloning of security policies across the enterprise, officials said.

“Customers are battling economic conditions that require a rigorous focus on delivering business operations and IT efficiencies at a lower cost,” said Richard Sarwal, Oracle senior vice president of product development, in a statement. “Oracle Enterprise Manager supports both endeavors through automated management of business workflows, processes and services, as well as supporting the full Oracle software stack through its unique top-down application management approach.”