Hillary Clinton Surrenders Email Server To FBI

FBI takes presidential hopeful’s private email server into custody to check for US government policy breaches

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has finally handed over her email server to the FBI, investigating her use of the system while she was secretary of state.

The investigation concerns whether Clinton breached US government policy by using the system when she was in office.

FBI Investigation

Earlier this month, the FBI began looking into Hillary Clinton’s private email setup following questions over how the account was managed.

This follows accusations earlier this year that the former Secretary of State sent hundreds of emails containing confidential data using her private email account linked to a server at her New York home.

Under US federal law, officials’ correspondence is considered to be US Government property, and critics have pointed out that Clinton’s use of a private email system was contrary to government policy, as classified information may not have been secured, and also shielded her from oversight.

fbi2A federal watchdog studied a sample of 40 emails, and found four emails that contained classified material. Clinton denies sending or receiving any secret information using that account.

And matters were not helped when Clinton appeared reluctant to hand over the server. When the furore began, she initially handed over thousands of pages of emails to the state department, but not the server itself. There was a total of 60,000 emails, but 30,000 were deemed by Clinton to be personal and were deleted.

Now the FBI has the server itself, and according to the BBC, her lawyers will also hand over memory sticks that contain the copies of all the emails.

Senior Republican Reince Priebus was quoted by the BBC as saying that Clinton had “run out of options” in the face of FBI scrutiny.

“She knows she did something wrong and has run out of ways to cover it up,” he reportedly said.

“It’s a welcome development, but it’s hard to believe that the Clinton private server and the thumb drives in the possession of Ms. Clinton’s personal lawyer have just recently been turned over to the authorities,” Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee was quoted as saying by the Wall Street Journal.

“That’s a long time for top secret classified information to be held by an unauthorised person outside of an approved, secure government facility,” added the Republican Senator.

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