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Fancy honing your hacking skills? Well, cheap online tutorials are on offer, but only white hats should apply

Programmers, computer geeks and cyber security hobbists who fancy testing their hacking credentials can now do it cheaper thanks to online tutorials and lessons.

But it should be noted that the training course is only for those interested in ethical hacking (i.e white hat hackers).

White Hats Only

Known as the “White Hat Hacker Bundle”, normally costs $600, but now is available for only $49 (£31). The fees includes over 55 lectures and 17 hours of content. It says the student will be able to gather information about your target, learn to find infrastructure vulnerabilities, and discover how to exploit those vulnerabilities.

blackhatwhitehat“In this awesome hacking tutorial, you will learn the secrets and arts of penetration testing and ethical hacking to help protect your networks and websites against a wide variety of threats,” says the blurb.

The course gives the would be hacker tools such as Metasploit, SQLMap, Havij, Nmap to help student hackers test, and ethically hack their way around the web to help improve the protection of any website.

Successful white hat hackers will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Needed Skills

With the explosion of hacking, there is currently a real need for people with the relevant cyber security skills.

This was evidenced when in October 2013, Lieutenant Colonel Michael White, the head of the military’s Joint Cyber Reserve Unit, said that if black hats (i.e. convicted hackers) pass the background checks, they could join the military.

For those who don’t fancy working for the army, the police national cyber crime unit (NCCU) is also recruiting.

And in August this year, the British intelligence agency GCHQ launched a new nationwide competition called Astute Explorer, designed to help discover people with the necessary cyber defence talent.

The competition was developed in partnership with Cyber Security Challenge UK, a government-sponsored organisation which has been running similar competitions since 2011.

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