Poll: Is UK Tech Better Off In The European Union?

EU Brexit referedum

EU referendum: UK tech firms want to stay in the EU but what do you think about a potential Brexit?

On 23 June, Brits will go to the polls to vote in arguably the most important referendum in a generation, answering the question of whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union (EU), or leave.

The consequences of the decision will have ramifications for all of society and all industries – including technology.

EU referendum

Voter © - Fotolia.comBritish tech firms are firmly in the ‘remain’ camp and one third have no plan in place should the electorate vote in favour of Brexit. Microsoft has also come out in support of the EU.

Research from industry body techUK suggests 70 percent of its members want to stay in the EU, 15 percent want to leave and 15 percent don’t know. The majority support the UK’s membership because it makes the country more attractive to international investment, makes the UK more globally competitive and gives it a more favourable trading relationship with other members.

A separate study from Tech London Advocates showed 87 percent of its members oppose a ‘Brexit’.

But what do you think? Is the technology industry better off with the UK in the EU? Will you be better served if a Brexit takes place? Let us know

Is the British technology industry better off with the UK as an EU member?

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