Donald Trump Ignores Security Advice For His iPhones – Report

The US President is resisting White House security checks for his two iPhone smartphones, reports say

The US President has two personal Apple iPhones reports have suggested, but Donald Trump is making life difficult for his secret service security detail.

This is because President Trump has reportedly resisted White House security checks for Twitter phone for ‘as long as five months’.

The President is understood to use two Apple iPhones. One iPhone is for making and receiving calls, whilst the other iPhone is equipped only with the Twitter app, as well as a number of preloaded news sites.

Trump risk

Before Trump took office, he reportedly used an old Samsung Galaxy smartphone (thought to be an ancient S3), before he was made to give it up over security concerns.

Instead he has been equipped with two iPhones. But according to White House officials talking to Politico, President Trump has resisted efforts by staff to inspect the iPhone he uses for tweeting.

He has reportedly rebuffed staff efforts to strengthen security around his phone use, according to the administration officials.

As is common practice, the White House has urged the president to swap out the Twitter phone on a monthly basis (so security experts can check for hacking and vulnerabilities), but Trump has resisted their entreaties, telling them it was “too inconvenient.”

Trump does however swop out his call-capable iPhone for security checks.

Former President Barack Obama for example handed over his White House phones every 30 days to be examined by telecommunications staffers for hacking and other suspicious activity, according to an Obama administration official.

The danger of Trump using an iPhone that lacks the sophisticated security features designed to shield his communications, is obvious, as it could expose his device to hacking or surveillance.

Leaders phones

The smartphone risks for world leaders was demonstrated in 2013, when it was revealed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was a target of NSA eavesdropping on her government BlackBerry handset, a move that soured Germany’s relationship with the US at the time.

Another BlackBerry fan is British Prime Minister Theresa May, who in March this year finally bowed to the inevitable and handed over her beloved BlackBerry smartphone.

She was apparently the “last member of the No 10 team” still using a Blackberry handset, and now uses an iPhone, although it is reported that because of national security, her new iPhone is unlikely to be sporting many apps.

Her predecessor David Cameron was known to have been a big fan of the Apple iPad. Indeed, in December 2011 he received a personalised iPad app to help him govern the country.

Former President Barrack Obama was also a huge fan of BlackBerry smartphones, and after he was denied an iPhone for “security reasons” in 2013, he carried out using his trusty BlackBerry whilst in office.

But that BlackBerry was specially modified for him, as it lacked a microphone, camera or GPS. Even then this special “military grade” phone was handed over every 30 days to be examined for security risks.

The Queen was also another BlackBerry fan. She once toured the Canadian headquarters of BlackBerry and was said to be a long standing fan of the BlackBerry, ever since the Duke of York (Prince Andrew) first introduced her to the handsets back in 2007.

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