General Election 2015: TechWeek Readers Back Conservatives

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TechWeek readers back Cameron for a second term in office, ahead of Labour and UKIP

TechWeek readers have backed the Conservatives in tomorrow’s General Election, which is likely to be the closest in a generation.

National polls have placed the Tories and Labour virtually neck and neck, but our vote found that 32.1 percent of you back David Cameron’s party compared to 26.8 percent who want Ed Miliband in power.

However, despite the party’s manifesto barely mentioning technology, 16.7 percent of you would like to see Nigel Farage in Number 10 and Britain out of the EU. There was strong support for the SNP, which would of course like to leave the UK altogether, registering 9.5 percent of the vote.

Election poll pie chart

The Green Party’s renewable energy and anti-surveillance pledges obviously struck a chord with 5.4 percent of you, but the Liberal Democrat’s promise of a digital bill of rights clearly didn’t, securing just three percent – the same amount of you not planning to vote tomorrow. Perhaps the Lib Dems’ coalition hangover is to blame.

Less than 2.5 percent of you still don’t know, so why not read our party-by-party technology guide to the 2015 General Election here? Even less of you plan to vote for Plaid Cymru.

Not a single one of our readers said they plan to vote for an independent candidate or one of the parties in Northern Ireland. Or you’re one of the undecided.

Tomorrow’s vote will affect the technology industry in so many ways, so why not see what tech firms in the UK want from the next government?

Do you know all about public sector IT – the triumph and the tragedy? Take our quiz!

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