Enterprise Networks Can Cut Emissions, Too

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From Energy Efficient Ethernet to a company’s own supply network, there’s a lot that networks can do to reduce a company’s environmental footprint, says 3Com’s Matt Walmsley

The Code doesn’t tell you how to lower your energy use – it doesn’t say “collapse your backbone” or “virtualise”. How does it drive people to be greener?
It gives a framework. It’s not the EU’s role to be an IT practitioner. There is legislation, but no carbon tax, as yet, so what is the catalyst to change? Cost savings and the afterglow.

What is 3Com doing to lower its carbon footprint?
We are doing very well on power efficiency. You should see some strong independent testing on our enterprise switches. We’ve also moved from airfreight to sea freight for our product shipments.

We’ve had to think hard about the supply chain, and build kit that can be drop-shipped, pre-configured, to be installed by someone who is only technician-grade.

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