Apple Hit With Major Ericsson Mobile Lawsuits

Now facing court cases in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands regarding use of patented mobile technologies

Apple is facing a major lawsuit across several European countries, including the UK, following allegations it did not keep up with technology licence payments.

The iPhone maker is being sued by Ericsson, which says Apple was still using Ericsson’s patented technologies in its devices even though it did not have a licence to use them.

And following the expiration of an offer to hold arbitration talks with Apple, the Swedish manufacturer, owns more than 35,000 patents covering mobile technologies, has filed lawsuits in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

iPhone 6 4Under fire

The dispute revolves around technologies Ericsson developed for second and fourth generation mobile networks and handsets, including high-speed LTE networks. This includes patents concerning accessing apps on phones, the streaming of video to handheld devices as well as chip design.

The move comes after the same two companies filed lawsuits against each other back in January, when Apple claimed that Ericsson was demanding excessive royalties for its patents, with Ericsson responding that its licensing agreement had expired without agreeing terms for renewal.

“Our technology is used in many features and functionality of today’s communication devices,” said Kasim Alfalahi, Ericsson’s head of intellectual property in a statement. He said the dispute had already been going on for two years and was “confident” the courts would help resolve the matter “fairly”.

Apple has yet to comment on the legal action.

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