UK Conservative Party Forks Out £100k A Month On Facebook


Money can’t buy you happiness, but the UK Conservative party seems to think it can buy voter confidence.

The full scale of Conservative Facebook spending has been revealed in a series of documents obtained by the BBC.

The invoices reveal that David Cameron’s party are spending more than £100,000 every month on Facebook, as well as £3,000 every four weeks on individual constituency campaigns.

Cough up for candidates

David_Cameron_officialOne leaked document shows that the Tories forked out £122,814 in September 2014 on Facebook, with the largest pot of cash poured on “Email Collection New” – £96,617.79 to be precise.

A November 2014 invoice reveals that they dialled it back a little to spend £114,956, but by looking at the two documents together it’s suggested that the Conservatives are spending over £1m a year just on the one social media site.

A former advisor of Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign and current Labour digital specialist, Matthew McGregor, told the Today Programme that “The Conservatives are spending their money in a way that gets their content in front of people.

“The fact that they are outspending the Labour Party many, many times over because of the support from millionaire donors is going to have an impact.”

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