The Cloud Has Better Patching And Scaling


Video:  Cloud-based applications do not play Russian roulette with security, says Eran Feigenbaum, stage magician and head of security at Google Apps

Eran Feigenbaum has argued on this site before, that the the cloud is more secure than conventional IT provision, not less.

The reason is that cloud providers can track technologies quicker, keep patches up to date better, and have economies of scale, he tells Pablo Fernández, Editor in Chief of eWEEK Europe Spain, in an exclusive video.Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security for Google Apps from NetMediaEurope UK on Vimeo.” class=”alignleft” />


For anyone wondering about our home page picture: Eran is also a stage magician. You see him here performing nailgun roulette, an illusion which helped take him to the final of the US TV show, Phenomenon, in 2007.

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