Twitter Will Shut Down TweetDeck App

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Twitter is ending support for the TweetDeck app and plans more seamless log-in experience

Twitter has confirmed it will discontinue the Windows desktop app for TweetDeck as of April 15.

TweetDeck allows Twitter users to manage multiple accounts through a dashbaord, and Twitter says the death of the app is all part of creating a more seamless user experience.

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Tweeters will still be able to access TweetDeck via the web version, according to Amy Zima, Twitter product manager.

“Nothing is changing about TweetDeck itself, just where you access it from,” she explained.

As part of Twitter’s effort to improve user experience, starting today, when users are logged in to any Twitter website, such as or, they no longer need to log in to TweetDeck separately. Now, when users move from TweetDeck to Twitter websites, or from these websites to TweetDeck, they will automatically be logged in, making it easier to move between the tools they use regularly.

Zima said: “We’ve been working on infrastructure projects like this to ensure we have a stable foundation to continue improving TweetDeck in the future. Over the past year, we’ve shipped features such as TweetDeck Teams, group Direct Messages, and a confirmation step before Tweeting, as well as new search filters to make it easier to surface Vines, GIFs, Periscopes, and older content.”

Zima suggests TweetDeck users can ensure easy access to the web platform by pinning TweetDeck to their taskbars.

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