How Do Online Businesses Gain The Amazon Trust Factor?

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Advertorial: Online businesses can struggle to convince new customers to trust them with their precious payment data. But a well known brand can bridge this trust gap

In the e-commerce environment trust is a hard won commodity, and consumers are often wary of handing over their personal and banking data to unknown online entities.

Bridging this trust issue is one of the major challenges facing online businesses. They require a payment system that will reassure them their data will be safe and secure, but that the payment process will also be quick and convenient. If those criteria are met, it will often mean the customer order is carried out to its conclusion.

Brand trust

Yet establishing trust is no mean feat in the current online world. Thankfully however, businessimagees now have the option of utilising a trusted brand name that will help establish instant creditably for any e-commerce operation.

Amazon Payments for example allows millions of online customers to login and pay on various websites using only their Amazon payment and shipping account information. This removes the need for customers to remember countless usernames and passwords. All they need is their Amazon account details to give them the peace of mind associated with using a widely recognised brand like Amazon.

For businesses, the advantages of utilising Amazon Payments is that they have an instant payment system in place that incorporates Amazon’s proven fraud detection technology at no additional cost. The solution also offers merchants a low, predictable cost with no hidden charges.

Other advantages of Amazon Payments comes from its built-in capacity to handle the growing mobile e-commerce trend. And businesses can also use it to create a personalised on-site experience for the customer, to help build consumer loyalty and brand awareness.

According to Nish Kukadia, CEO of London-based fashion retailer Secret Sales, Amazon Payments made a big different to his company, which is seeking sell ‘desirable and scare items’ in a finite time frame. Kukadia says that his customers required a quickly and convenient transaction or it would have jeopardised sales.

“Login and Pay With Amazon created tremendous uplift and is much more economical than other solutions out there,” said Kukadia.

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