Google Adds ‘Buy’ Button To YouTube Videos

New TrueView targeting system means you can shop whilst you watch

Online shopping could be about to invade cat videos all over the world following a new ecommerce initiative from YouTube which allows viewers to buy goods just by clicking on an advert link.

The TrueView system is being rolled out by Google AdWords, and particularly looking to target the estimated 50 percent of viewers using a mobile device to access content onYouTube.

trueviewImpulse buy

TrueView will “connect the dots between the moment a person watches a video and the moment they decide to make a purchase,” Google said in a blog post announcing the launch.

Based on the TrueView cards that Google launched last month, TrueView features the first-ever integration of the Google Merchant Center into video ads, meaning that advertisers simply need to connect their campaign with a Merchant Center feed to add information on their products into videos.

Merchant Center will also allow highly customisable content for each user using contextual and audience information such as location and demographic info.

TrueView launched today, and will be gradually rolled out across markets within the next few weeks.

The announcement also shows how important maximising the interaction of multiple customer ‘touch points’ can be.

“The pace of innovation within the retail sector is staggering and any organisation or brand placing consumer convenience at the heart of its offering stands to make the greatest gains in attracting and retaining consumer loyalty,” commented John Pincott, European MD of ecommerce firm Shopatron,

“Not every retailer has access to the same resources as YouTube and Amazon, but with today’s shopper not only demanding, but fully expecting a shopping experience which integrates with their ‘always on’ connected lifestyle, convenience needs to be front-of-mind at all times.

In a world where consumers ultimately want hassle-free shopping experiences this means making the most effective use of omnichannel–showing shoppers what is in stores right now, giving them the option to buy it right now and receive their goods in the manner most convenient for them. Those stores and brands getting these services right stand to make the most of the opportunities it presents.”

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