6 Things Every Brand Should Be Doing On Social Media

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Laura Miller, director of marketing at KioWare Kiosk Software, explains how every brand can keep its social media game on point

Those of us who work with social media on a daily basis often get caught up in “doing” and forget some of the basics to help expand audience, reach and generate brand interaction.

Here are a few reminders for even the most seasoned social media expert.

1. Be relevant

– Speak to those inside of your circles (partners & customers), as well as outside of your circles. Involve others who are in your local area, your industry, the press, or peripheral markets. KioWare Kiosk Software did this with an episode of a television program that featured a kiosk.

KioWare Software

Remember to follow and involve your brand in conversations such as those surrounding relevant trends, conferences, events, daily trends.

Best Buy

Be careful to stay true to your brand and message. In one case, Best Buy tweeted on a trending hashtag (#Serial), without considering that Serial is a podcast about a murder and that the flippant comment might come off as crass and tone-deaf. The backlash was harsh and immediate.

– Find what your top users/customers are chatting about and join the conversion.

– Do not discuss politics, religion, controversial events, or even perhaps, sports teams, unless your business is firmly and publicly affiliated and unless you can risk alienating a portion of your audience if they disagree.