Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Alan Gibson, VP, EMEA, Alteryx

Alan Gibson, VP of EMEA, Alteryx

Forrester highlighting the desperate need for data literacy as the adoption of analytics technologies accelerates amid the current downturn. Coupled with the recent release of the UK Government’s new National Data Strategy, Silicon UK asks whether the data literacy of businesses is mature enough to deliver value and innovation.

Silicon UK spoke with Alan Gibson, VP, EMEA, Alteryx to gain an insight into how Alteryx unifies analytics, data science, and business process automation in one, end-to-end platform to accelerate digital transformation. 


Alteryx, which provides analytical solutions to the process automation space as recently revealed insights from a newly commissioned Forrester study, which underscores the convergence of analytics, data science, and process automation as critical to enabling substantial business benefits. The Forrester study, Data and Analytics: The Key to Driving the Business During Challenging Times, also highlights this converged approach as a key indicator of an organization’s ability to thrive in a strong economy and remain resilient in times of volatility.

The report emphasizes the importance and urgency of upskilling workforces to achieve successful digital transformation. Organizations struggle to apply data and analytics to decision making unless they have self-service solutions that include an option for employees to self-onboard. Specifically, 61% of respondents cite that to improve their data and analytics programs, both analytics practitioners and business users must have access to self-service solutions. is the authoritative UK source for IT news, analysis, features, and interviews on the key industry topics with a particular emphasis on IoT, AI, cloud, and other transformative technologies.

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