Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Mind The Trust Gap

Sabby Gill, CEO of Thomas International.

In this week’s podcast, we focus on the recently published report from Thomas International: ‘Mind the trust gap.’ The majority (85%) of UK businesses need to critically improve the quality of their recruitment processes; with 77% saying they need to improve the way they assess the value and skills people bring to the business.

The 2021: Mind the trust gap report, which surveyed 500 senior hiring managers and recruiters in the UK, reveals a shake-up of recruitment practices is on the horizon. Driven by the need to combat the growing tension between the requirements of the changing working landscape and people’s diverse characteristics, resilience and motivations.

Sabby Gill is the Chief Executive Officer at Thomas International, the leading global talent assessment platform provider. He brings more than 30+ years’ experience in the technology sector, spanning sales, operations and customer service. He has spent his career supporting businesses of all sizes with the right technology that unlocks their potential.