Coronavirus: Tech Firms To Allow Staff To Work From Home For Most Of 2020

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on everyday life in 2020 has been monumental, and has plainly illustrated the ability of many companies to continue operating thanks to staff doing their jobs from home.

And now it seems that a number of big names firms in the technology sector are prepared to allow their staff to continue working from home until the Autumn or even the rest of the year.

As the Coronavirus began to impact the globe in March this year, many tech firms ordered all non-essential staff to work from home, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

Work from home

Facebook for example has confirmed to CNN Business that any staffer who can do their work from home may continue to do so until year end.

However the social network plans to reopen most of its offices on 6 July, at the earliest, despite the easing of lockdowns in some parts of the United States.

Staff members at Google meanwhile will likely continue to work remotely through the rest of this year, CEO Sundar Pichai said at a company-wide meeting last Thursday, according to The Information.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the accuracy of the report to CNN.

Google has previously said that Google staff could working from home until 1 June.

Amazon is known to have told staff who can work ‘effectively’ from home can do so until at least 2 October, however that does not include warehouse staff.

Meanwhile Microsoft is also reportedly allowing staff members to work from home until October.

Tom Jowitt

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