Tech Quiz Of The Week: Artificial Intelligence

Put your knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the test

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise; smart machines are now a reality, and we are seeing computers slowly move their way towards true intelligence. AIs are even out on the road in the form of driverless cars. 

And whether you like it or not AIs are making their way into our world, so expect a kettle that talks before too long! 

AI quiz 

Ociacia 2 robot headAIs are also making their way into smartphones moving from virtual assistants into truly smart services. 

Some tech luminaries fear that the development of AI will lead to the eventual destruction of the human race, while others want to welcome the robot overlords. 

But while questions remain around the ethics of AI, the technology continues to evolve at an almost heady pace. 

So now would be a good time to put you knowledge of AIs to the test. 

What do you know about AIs?