Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

Patrick Jean, Chief Technology Officer, OutSystems

In this week’s podcast we focus on the recently published report ‘The Speed of Change: How Fast Are you’ from OutSytems. To gain expert insight into how business leaders see their technical abilities to innovate, I spoke with Patrick Jean, CTO at OutSystems.


Patrick is an engineering leader focused on building great engineering cultures where motivated people are free to unleash their passion for doing meaningful work.  With more than 20 years of engineering leadership experience, he has led multiple high-stakes, cloud transformation initiatives at SaaS providers, blending customer focus, inspired development teams, and the latest technology stacks.

Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, a modern application platform that enables organizations of all sizes to deftly tackle any kind of critical application – from legacy modernization and workplace innovation to customer experience transformation. Using OutSystems, customers can Build applications Fast, Build them Right and Build them for the Future.

Engineers with obsessive attention to detail crafted every aspect of the OutSystems platform to help organizations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster. OutSystems is the only solution that combines the power of minimal coding with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling visual development of entire application portfolios that easily integrate with existing systems.