HPE Revamps Big Data Machine Learning Range


A new version of Vertica and added features to Haven OnDemand bulk up HPE’s machine learning cloud capabilities

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has pushed out two new products to expand its presence in the machine learning big data space.

The HPE Haven OnDemand platform has been boosted with machine learning capabilities, and an updated Vertica 8, the company’s next release of its analytics platform, will now come with a unified architecture and advanced in-database analytics capabilities.


HPE said its new Haven OnDemand feature, called Combinations, provides a pre-built catalogue of cognitive services where developers can chain together multiple machine learning APIs into combinations, and copy and paste the code right into their development projects.

This is part of HPE’s goal of making machine learning accessible by more developers, according to HPE’s Big Data CTO Fernando Lucini.

machine learning“HPE HoD Combinations represents the next step in our vision to democratize machine learning for mainstream developers and help them build the next generation of cognitive applications,” he said.

“Through HPE HoD Combinations, enterprise developers now have access to the building blocks required to take their application development to the next level through an easy and intuitive solution.”

The next release of HPEs Vertica, codenamed Frontloader, will add unified architecture and in-database analytics capabilities that for users to conduct analysis at better scale and speed, regardless of where their data resides, claims HPE.

“Building on our Vertica mantra of delivering the broadest deployment and consumption models, and best-fit engineering, HPE Vertica 8 delivers an innovative platform that allows organizations to access and analyze the largest volumes and various forms of data, regardless of where the data is located,” said Colin Mahony General Manager at HPE’s Big Data division.

“Integrated with broad in-database applied machine learning analytic capabilities and open source innovation, Vertica 8 gives companies a competitive edge to solve problems faster and at lower costs.”

There’s also new support for Microsoft Azure, with Vertica available immediately frm the Azure marketplace.

“With Azure, Microsoft is delivering a world class cloud platform to help customers accelerate their digital transformation,” said Mike Schutz, General Manager, Cloud Platform Product Marketing, Microsoft. “A key part of this is fostering a strong ecosystem of enterprise-grade applications on Azure. HPE’s selection of Azure as a fully supported platform for their flagship offerings such as Vertica highlights our joint commitment to meet the dynamic needs of today’s digital enterprises.”

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