Cisco Partners With Hyundai For Connected Cars


Superfast connectivity and in-car video streaming could be coming to a Hyundai vehicle near you

Hyandai is entering a ‘connected car’ partnership with network equipment maker Cisco to co-develop Internet-connected car technology.

The deal forms part of the South Korean firm’s efforts to develop, “high-performing computers on wheels”, the company said.

It will particularly focus on building in-vehicle network technology for the high-speed transfer of large amounts of data, allowing for faster and richer in-car entertainment, up-to-date navigation, and 4G connectivity to the car itself.


hyundai smart carThe announcement followed a meeting between Hyundai vice chairman Chung Eui-sun and Cisco chief executive Chuck Robbins in Seoul.

“Hyundai Motor will provide new values that go beyond our customers’ expectations in safety, quality and security through cooperating with Cisco,” said Chung in a statement.

“Technological innovation through the partnership with Hyundai Motor will create new user experiences and digital disruption in the auto industry,” Robbins added.

In addition to the above, Hyundai and Cisco will also look to work with an as-yet-unnamed Korean start-up to create a simulation environment to test new vehicles, along with co-operating on research concerning new technologies for connected cars.

Hyundai will also be providing a major investment into a range of cloud, big data analytics and connected car security technologies as it ramps up its own research and development, with the company has previously pledged to develop completely autonomous vehicles by 2030.

This date is part of Hyundai’s Connected Car Roadmap, designed to pave the way towards its “Hyper-connected Intelligent Cars” concept, with the next efforts aimed at developing smart remote maintenance service, autonomous driving, smart traffic, and a connectivity Mobility Hub.

Providing drivers with smarter, more connected vehicles is becoming a significant marker for car manufacturers, with many of the world’s top names setting out their aims.

Along with the famous Google Car, which is now seeing co-development with Ford, other automakers, including GM, Volvo and even Aston Martin are looking into smart, connected vehicles as they attempt to persuade customers to purchase.

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