Quiz Of The Week: Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi!


What do you know about Raspberry Pi, the British-made pocket sized computer?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the Raspberry Pi a massive British success story. First released four years ago, millions of units have been sold around the world and the credit-card sized computer has gone from strength to strength this week with the launch of the Raspberry Pi 3.

The aim of the originally Raspberry Pi was to encourage children to code, but its popularity has exceeded all expectations and has found a place in the business world.

Raspberry Pi Quiz

Raspberry Pi 3 Birthday CakeAnd by adding Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more power to the mix, it is hoped the Raspberry Pi 3 will find favour with those creating applications and systems for the Internet of Things (IoT).

A huge community has emerged, sharing best practices and details of amazing projects, while accessories like touchscreens and cases have encouraged all sorts of creations. There’s even been a 3D printed laptop.

But what do you know about the Raspberry Pi and its history?

Find out with our quiz!

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