Microsoft Open Sources Machine Learning Toolkit For Developers

Microsoft’s DMTK machine learning platform now on GitHub as tech giants look to cash in on developer ideas

Microsoft has made its machine learning toolkit openly available to the entire developer community, the firm announced this week.

The news follows steps made by Google to promote its machine learning platform, TensorFlow, this week by making it open source.

Microsoft’s toolkit, officially called the Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit (DMTK), will be available on code repository database GitHub, and is designed to use multiple computers wired in parallel to solve complex computing problems.


artificial-intelligence“The toolkit offers rich and easy-to-use APIs to reduce the barrier of distributed machine learning, so researchers and developers can focus on core machine learning tasks like data, model and training,” said the Microsoft Asia research lab.

By making the toolkit open source, Microsoft is hoping that the firm can work with other machine learning researchers and developers to boost knowledge in algorithms and make the practice more relevant in the real world.

Machine-learning uses processes akin to how our brains work, with algorithms creating neural pathways to remember information that can easily be pulled up again.
Google’s TensorFlow can already be found in the company’s speech recognition systems found on Google Now to its Photos photo search algorithms.
The web giant said TensorFlow can run on many devices, ranging from a single smartphone to an entire data centre.