Michael Kors Announces Plans To Make Wearable Tech “Wearable”

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Wearable technology gets a makeover as iconic designer label Michael Kors jumps on the high-tech bandwagon

The well-known brand, known as MK for short, told analysts on Thursday that it has plans to “be in wearables,” and will divulge the details over the “next few months.”

According to Bloomberg, Kors CEO John Idol said on the conference call “I will tell you that that is coming from Michael Kors, and we have a whole strategy around it.”

Darling, that’s so 2015

Intimacy_WearableTech02MK would be the latest high-fashion house to dip its toe into the wearable waters. Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Minkoff and Diane Von Furstenburg have each explored incorporating technology into their designs – from Google Glass frames to Bluetooth-enabled bracelets.

Kors has made clear, however, that it wants to take its time over its venture. “We’re not interested in being the first one to rush to the race,” said Idol.

“What we want is  to make sure that we have an ecosystem that our customer really believes in and think[s] they’re viable additions to not only their fashion wardrobe, but also to how they live their life.”

One of the biggest criticisms of wearable technology has been that it simply isn’t fashionable. From smartwatches to Google Glass, most devices have come under fire for their bulk, or the fact that they turn the wearer into Star Trek’s Geordi La Forge.

Fashion powerhouses like MK could be the key to unlocking wearables for the mass consumer market, as long as they marry their eye for design with a focus on practicality.

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