McLaren Wants To Bring F1 Technology To Other Industries

McLaren F1

McLaren Technology Group says its expertise and innovations can help other sectors

The McLaren Group has signalled its intent to use the technology and expertise it has acquired through operating McLaren Racing, one of Formula One’s most successful and historic teams, in other industries by changing its name to the ‘McLaren Technology Group’.

The company has submitted a planning application for a 57,000 square metre applied technology centre housing research and development, offices and manufacturing facilities and will target sectors like oil and gas, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aviation and financial services.

The new name will be an umbrella for the organisation, which in addition to the Formula One team, also operates a roadcar business and McLaren Applied Technologies, which already has partnerships with SAP and GSK and provides KPMG with predictive analytics technology.

McLaren Technology Group

McLaren F1 HQMcLaren says the focus will always be on Formula One and the expansion of its non-motorsport activities is to better commercialise the technology created by its engineers, scientists and data analysts using the “unique” marketing platform provided by the sport.

“We exist to win, and nothing will ever divert McLaren Racing’s focus away from that ambition,” said McLaren CEO and Chairman Ron Dennis. “However, some time ago we set McLaren on a path of diversification, and as a result we are today far more than just a racing team. The McLaren companies now employ more than 3000 people, three-quarters of whom are not involved in motorsport.

“Technology drives everything we do – creating the world’s most advanced road cars, working with blue-chip companies to enhance their performance and their products, and/or developing the world’s most robust electronic control systems.”

“Our new name therefore reflects our ever-increasing focus on innovation and the creation of disruptive technologies that will have a positive and far-reaching impact.”

McLaren Applied Technologies is one of the sponsors of an ICTomorrow contest on wearable technology which will provide government funding to startups who are victorious in six categories. Up to £35,000 in each category will be awarded in a bid to help young companies bring their ideas to market.

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