LS Simple Launches Easy Power Monitor Clamp


Cabling maker LS Simple has launched a clip-on power monitor, to connect older servers into its power management system

LS Simple has announced the CL-Amp, a non-invasive monitor which clips round a cable, and gives an inductive reading of the power flowing through it. It displays on an LED and delivers its reading over Ethernet to LS’ Intelligent Power Management system.


“Companies that put in power monitoring can often save upward of 30 percent of their power bill in most cases,” an LS Simple spokesman told eWEEK Europe. “In a data centre that draws 200kW, that is millions of pounds a year. “
Clamp monitors like the CL-Amp are less accurate than those which plug in-line with the power supply, but they can be installed without switching off the power, LS explained.

In fact, in-line power monitors can be installed easily on most new server cabinets, since they have dual power supplies, and a power monitor can be added to each in turn. CL-Amp will therefore get more use on older servers that have not been given dual-power supplies – and also as a temporary monitor to measure a given power cord.

The accuracy of clip-on monitors is limited because they measure voltage and current, and calculate “apparent power” (in VA), while the real power (in W) consumed may be different if there is a non-resistive load. “Most computers use switching-mode power supplies and are effectively resistive loads,” said the LS Simple spokesman.

Even if the actual power is estimated to some extent, this kind of product has value, commented Peter Hopton, chief executive of the UK’s low power server maker, Very-PC “Accuracy cannot be guaranteed in W, but VA is important too.”

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