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Video: IT is not just cleaning up its own act. It will be the driving force in allowing every sector to thrive in today’s climate – that was the message form our London launch

Sustainable IT is not just about making the IT department more efficient, according to discussion at the London launch of eWEEK Europe UK. The whole economy will be going through major changes in the next few years, and it needs IT at every step of the way.

“Carbon emissions will have to be reduced by 80 to 90 percent by 2050,” said analyst Simon Perry from QuoCirca, a columnist on the new publication. “What kind of world will that look like?” The current generation of the technology industry will have to provide the world with the tools it needs to reach this goal, he said – and that will mean a lot more embedded IT in everything from buildings to the electricity grid.

“IT people will have to do more with less,” said editor Peter Judge. “But if they focus on real, achievable efficiencies, they will move to positions of power within their organisations. They are the people who can help the rest of the business survive – and thrive in the new environment.”

Below: our corporate video, produced by Spanish editor Pablo Fernandez

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