Hive Releases Window, Door Sensors And Smart Plug

Hive products

Hive seeks to boost the energy efficiency and security of the smart home with two new devices


Hive is releasing two new smart home devices – the Hive Active Plug and the Hive Window or Door Sensor – in the UK.

The British Gas-owned firm says the Active Plug will help deal with ‘power paranoia’ by allowing users to remotely switch off appliances, such as an iron or television, using a smartphone or tablet – saving money and possibly preventing an accident.


Hive Active Plug 1

Similar to the company’s high profile thermostat, the Hive Active Plug also has a scheduling feature so certain electronics are only switched on at certain times of day, meaning less energy is wasted.

Also on sale today is the Hive’s smart security sensor for windows or doors. This wireless sensor is attached to a window, door frame, cupboard door or drawer, and will send an alert to your mobile, tablet or laptop via the Hive app if these are opened or closed.

Both products are built on Hive’s Honeycomb platform, with the company saying that they have been specially developed to work alongside the Hive smart thermostat, the second generation of which was released in July 2015.

“We all fit a phenomenal amount into our daily lives, not least in the mornings which can be one of the most hectic times of the day. Gadgets and appliances are intended to make our lives easier, so the fact they’re slowing us down and afflicting us with niggling doubts is a problem,” said Kassir Hussain, director of Centrica Connected Home UK.

“We’ve created the Hive Active Plug and the Hive Window or Door Sensor to fit seamlessly into people’s lives – to give them new ways to control and monitor their homes, wherever they are. That’s the job of connected home products: to restore people’s peace of mind and provide reassurance when it’s needed most.”

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