Google Glass 2 ‘To Be Intel-Powered’

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Smart glasses successor to feature Intel processor in a bid to become workplace-friendly

Google is reportedly planning a series of changes as it looks to release the second generation of its Google Glass wearable devices.

According to sources close to the development of the device, the next iteration of Google’s smart glasses product will replace the Texas Instruments processor currently found in Glass with an Intel unit as the company looks to ramp up the power of the device.

Intel will also play a major role in promoting the new model of Glass to hospitals and manufacturing companies as part of a drive to develop new workplace uses for the head-mounted device, the sources told the Wall Street Journal.

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If Intel is chosen to power the next generation of Glass, it would be another step in the company’s evolution away from the PC market into mobile and wearable device, which includes merging its loss-making mobile chipmaking division with its PC business as announced last month.

Earlier this year, CEO Brian Krzanich announced a series of wearable devices powered by Intel technology, before calling on developers to experiment with the capabilities of the company’s new miniature, power-efficient chips.

Google Glass had endured somewhat of a tricky life following its release last year, as developers and consumers have struggled to make the most out of the device.

Google made its smart glasses available to purchase in the UK in July for £1,000, and a range of business and organisations have looked to adopt the device as part of a move to enrich their customer experience, including the likes of Virgin Atlantic and the Dubai Police Force.

However, Google Glass is still viewed with suspicion by many law enforcement agencies, and has fallen foul of the law on several occasions, with the company admitting it needs to work with governments around the world to agree regulation on the device.

The company may soon face a raft of competing smart glasses, with reports last week suggesting that Huawei was planning to launch a similar device under its new Honor brand. It was also reported earlier this year that Lenovo was planning to release a Google Glass competitor, as the world’s largest PC manufacturer prepared a move into the wearable technology market.

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