eWEEK Europe launches in the UK

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As the industry changes, a new resource has arrived to help IT professionals excel in their mission

eWEEK Europe, the first technology news site to address the new corporate climate, has launched in the UK today. It brings proven resources and skills to bear on the biggest problem facing IT Professionals – Sustainable IT.

In the recession, IT professionals are under greater pressure than ever. They cannot build their projects on vague promises of future returns. They have to reduce costs now, and deliver quick returns. They also have to reduce the footprint of their company.

eWEEK Europe UK, launched today will present information that IT professionals can use to make their companies sustainable – to remain viable in the short term, and be competitive in the longer term, when the economic situation improves.

As well as this site, eWEEK Europe UK will be available as a newsletter and an RSS feed, and will be running a Twitter feed.

The only way forward is Sustainable IT – efficient technology that aligns with the company’s business needs and supports flexibility. It ensures that money spent on hardware, software, services or electricity bills is not wasted, and it provides the flexibility companies need, to survive in tough economic times.

To help the IT community make this change, eWEEK Europe UK will present news, features, reviews and opinions from the UK. It will also draw on all the resources of eWEEK.com, as well as the pan-European site eWEEK Europe, established in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Sustainable IT means delivering ongoing returns on investment, saving money on bills, and tooling up to make the enterprise flexible enough to survive the recession. Sustainable IT will be greener, and those who have it will be more competitive when the recession lifts.

To see the full launch press release, click here

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