Estate Agent Plans To Sell Incandescent Bulbs At £60


Mud-wrestling enthusiast Jules Bending hopes desperate consumers will pay extra for “old style” bulbs

With an EU ban due to phase out traditional light bulbs, Glastonbury estate agent, Julian Bending is stockpiling them to sell to “desperate” consumers in 2012, at prices up to £60.

“We have been stock-piling normal lightbulbs for some time in a warehouse, actually a farmers shed, at a secret location just beyond the Mendip Hills,” says Bending, of attention-seeking estate agent The Real Ralph Bending.

The European Union has banned the manufacture and sale of 100W incandescent “filament” bulbs, in favour of the energy saving fluorescent bulbs which use 80 percent less energy and last many times longer than the older technology – but traditionalists such as the Daily Mail have criticised the move. 60W incandescent bulbs are set to go the same way in 2011, and all incandescent bulbs will go in 2012.

Bending claims to have over 6,700 bulbs at the location, which he expects to sell for £40 to £60 each, as supply diminishes. He expects to sell them to women who “like the look of themselves” in traditional light, and to others who claim the energy-saving fluorescent bulbs give them migraines.

The “underground” movement to sell the banned bulbs could be led by climate change denier David Bellamy – although at the moment, Bending has only “approached” the famed botanist.

Bending has previously got media attention for “honest” newspaper property adverts featuring descriptions such as “original and grim late Seventies conversion” and gives mud wrestling precedence over properties on his site.


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