D-Link Switched On To Energy Efficiency


The new switch is part of D-Link’s green technology program, which includes Wi-Fi routers, NAS devices and, soon, network adapters

D-Link Systems is adding to its portfolio of energy-efficient networking products with the introduction of its new green managed switch.

D-Link April 8 released the D-Link Green 16-port Managed Gigabit Switch, which can automatically monitor the status of the device and reduce the power to ports that are not linked, according to company officials.

In addition, the switch—officially named the DSG-320-16 switch—includes a smart fan that has heat sensors. The sensors maintain the temperature of the device and will automatically turn on the fan when the devices temperature goes above 95 degrees.

D-Link offers a host of energy-efficient switches and other products that are part of its D-Link Green Technology initiative. The company also has energy-saving Wi-Fi routers, NAS (network-attached storage) devices, and Internet-enabled digital photo frames. In addition, the company will soon release D-Link Green Powerline network adapters.

In a message on the company’s website, John Lee, chairman of D-Link’s board of directors, said the company’s efforts at energy efficiency are aimed at how the company operates as well as the products it sells.

“Our customers, employees and investors are increasingly concerned about ‘green computing,’” Lee said. “We recognise our corporate responsibilities as an international entity, and we are committed to protecting the environment.”

In a statement, president and chief executive Steven Joe said demand for energy-efficient technology was coming from “public awareness and legislative action worldwide.”

In a new website outlining its green initiatives, D-Link officials talk about the ways the company is saving energy, including protecting the environment from harmful substances and using recyclable packaging to reduce the amount of waste. There also is an overview of the company’s energy-efficient products.

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