CA Gets Energy Efficiency Endorsement


Already in use by companies such as Tesco, carbon calculation tools from CA have been acredited by environmental reporting specialist CDP

CA has seen its efforts on the green IT front rewarded with an acreditation from environmental accounting specialist Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the IT giant’s reporting and analytics tools.

In a statement released this week, CA said that it’s ecoGovernance tools, part of its ecoSotware management system, had been acredited by CDP and that the IT company has now been established as “an official Carbon Calculation Partner”.

“CA’s ecoGovernance software has been tested by an independent third party and we’re delighted to recommend its use to support the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions across the entire business, which will help streamline the time and effort involved with measuring corporate carbon impact,” said Paul Dickinson CEO of the CDP

In September, the UK’s biggest retailer, Tesco, announced that it is using CA’s ecoSoftware to manage and reduce its carbon emissions worldwide, and meet the UK’s requirements for carbon accounting under the The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) will require companies using more than 6000MWh or electricity a year to register by next April, and buy carbon credits, at a price of £12 per tonne of CO2.

According to a statement from CDP, it maintains “the world’s largest database of primary corporate climate change data” with almost 2500 of the world’s major companies report their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies through its systems.

“We are all encouraged to see businesses make significant strides to respond to this challenge, but should acknowledge that we can all improve even further,” said Terrence Clark, senior vice president and general manager of ecoSoftware at CA. “We are eager to continue to work with businesses, governments and other organizations to provide software solutions that can help them collect, calculate, analys and report emissions data more efficiently, while also helping them deliver on their carbon reduction programs more effectively.”

As part of the process for acreditation by CDP, CA also confirmed that its ecoGovernance carbon measurement tools were compatible with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol – one of the key framework’s for calculating GHG emissions.

Tesco has used the CA ecoSoftware to automate the collection of the data it already collected, and apply workflow, so the data is reliable and backed by an audit trail, which would stand up to the external examination which will be applied when the UK’s carbon reduction commitment comes into force in April 2010, requiring larger companies to buy and trade carbon credits.

The Carbon Reduction Commitmentn (CRC) will require companies using more than 6000MWh or electricity a year to register by next April, and buy carbon credits, at a price of £12 per tonne of CO2.

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