CES 2019: AI, Home Tech, Cars and Robots To Feature

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Tech show gets underway in Las Vegas with number of announcements centred around AI, the home, and robots

The 2019 CES Show in Las Vegas will begin later today, but already it has seen a number of announcements from leading tech firms.

Most the announcements so far have centred around artificial intelligence (AI), home automation, transport tech, smart TV’s and 5G.

CES has traditionally been a launchpad for all manner of electronics – including smartphones, tablets, washing machines, fridges and robots.


Future tech

Samsung has lead with the way with a number of announcements.

First off is its improvement on the 4K television, with the launch of a 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch, and 85-inch TV – each of which comes equipped with staggering 8K screens.

Samsung also revealed that from the spring, its new smart TVs will include Apple’s iTunes software, to allow for the sale and rental of films and TV shows (but not apparently music).

The Samsung smart TV’s will also be able to support AirPlay 2, to allow users to stream videos, photos and music from Apple devices.

The deal comes amid long running rumours of Apple TV, which is expected to be a streaming service similar to that of Netflix.

Meanwhile wireless 5G tech will no doubt get some attention at this year’s show, with many firms expected to showcase more details on its potential and how it could transform certain industries in the years ahead, thanks to projected speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

On the AI front there have been announcements by LG on how AI will adapt things to suit you so home appliances such as cars, washing machine and fridge will adjust to people’s individual preferences.

Nvidia has showed off its move into the automotive sector with its Drive AutoPilot platform. This AI powered tech is designed to enable the next level of self-driving cars by 2020.

The CES show will also cover home automation, with Apple promoting its HomeKit platform and firms such ADT showing off a redesign of its home security system towards smart home technology.

GE Appliances meanwhile has revealed its dynamic new Kitchen Hub, to make an interactive smart kitchen and ventilation system that also acts as the home’s smart hub.

Meanwhile the CES 2019 show will also reveal a host of robots designed for the home (home assistants or just home companions), as well as robots for the retail and healthcare sectors.

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