AWS Reveals $100m Programme To Fund AI Initiatives

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services launches its AWS Generative AI Innovation Centre, to help deliver generative AI solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches its AWS Generative AI Innovation Centre, with a substantial cash investment.

AWS said the program is designed to “help customers use generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to revolutionise science, manufacturing and digital experiences.”

The move comes as Amazon seeks to avoid being left behind in the hyper-competitive AI sector, against rivals such as Microsoft and Google.

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Innovation Centre

AWS said it is investing $100 million in the program, which will connect AWS AI and machine learning (ML) experts with customers around the globe to help them envision, design, and launch new generative AI products, services, and processes.

Some of the first businesses involved with the Innovation Center include UK airline Ryanair, Highspot, Lonely Planet, and Twilio.

“Amazon has more than 25 years of AI experience, and more than 100,000 customers have used AWS AI and ML services to address some of their biggest opportunities and challenges,” said Matt Garman, senior VP of sales, marketing, and global services at AWS.

“Now, customers around the globe are hungry for guidance about how to get started quickly and securely with generative AI,” said Garman.

“The Generative AI Innovation Center is part of our goal to help every organisation leverage AI by providing flexible and cost-effective generative AI services for the enterprise, alongside our team of generative AI experts to take advantage of all this new technology has to offer.”

“Together with our global community of partners, we’re working with business leaders across every industry to help them maximise the impact of generative AI in their organisations, creating value for their customers, employees, and bottom line,” said Garman.

Bespoke AI solutions

So what exactly will it offer?

Well according to AWS, its “team of strategists, data scientists, engineers, and solutions architects will work step-by-step with customers to build bespoke solutions that harness the power of generative AI.”

This could be for solutions in the healthcare and life sciences area, to help accelerate drug research and discovery.

Manufacturers meanwhile could for example build solutions to reinvent industrial design and processes.

And financial services companies could develop ways to provide customers with more personalized information and advice.

“Through no cost workshops, engagements, and training, AWS will help customers imagine and scope the use cases that will create the greatest value for their businesses, based on best practices and industry expertise,” AWS stated. “Customers will work closely with generative AI experts from AWS and the AWS Partner Network to select the right models, define paths to navigate technical or business challenges, develop proofs of concepts, and make plans for launching solutions at scale.